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Information Presentation

Information Presentation – Frequently Asked Questions

We offer Info Presenters, Info Boards and Info Signs for the purpose of presenting information. Info Presenters offer the possibility to present a poster in DIN A4 or DIN A3 on an elegant stand tube.
Info Boards are particularly suitable for one-sided information presentations in DIN A4 on tables or counters. Depending on the model of the Info Board, the posters can be attached by means of a clamping profile or by inserting them into transparent polystyrene. In addition, we also offer you an illuminated Info Board, which lightens up your motif.
Info Signs are information carriers for mounting next to doors or in stairwells. The Info Sign doorplate is an optimal signpost and information carrier at the same time.

While the Info Presenter Classic can be mounted in either portrait or landscape format, the Info Presenter Flex can be used variably. This Info Presenter has a rotary function and can be used in either portrait or landscape format.
Both Info Presenters can be used flexibly and are suitable for poster presentation in portrait and landscape format.

Changing posters varies depending on the model, but is always done quickly and can be carried out by anyone.
With the Info Presenters, Info Signs and Info Boards with clamping profile, the poster change is carried out using the mounted clamping profiles. The upper profiles of the clamping frame can easily be opened and closed using the built-in springs. After removing the anti-reflective protective film, you can quickly reach and change the posters without great effort.
The poster of the Info Board can be changed by simply inserting the motif.

Depending on the model, a DIN A4 or a DIN A3 poster can be inserted into the Info Presenters.
With the illuminated Info Board "Lumi Desk", it is possible to backlight a poster in DIN A4 format. A poster in DIN A4 format is also inserted into the Info Board and the Info Board with clamping profile.
The Info Sign door signs are suitable for motifs in the formats DIN A5 and DIN A6. These are particularly suitable for mounting next to doors or in stairwells.