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Digital presentation display


The presentation display was produced by marketing-displays in 2016 for the Abus Security-Center company and delivered to various hardware stores.

It is used to draw attention to Abus Smartvest products and to explain and demonstrate the wireless alarm-system set.


The customer wanted to present Abus Smartvest products in a way that would attract attention and also explain and demonstrate the wireless alarm-system set.


We developed a multi-functional display according to rough specifications by the customer and presented it to the ABUS Security-Center company. After receiving a positive decision, we produced 150 of these displays at our Cologne location and delivered them to various hardware stores.
That is how we quickly produced a digital presentation display that draws attention to Abus Smartvest products and also provides the customer with a tactile experience where they can test the functionality of the products for themselves. Touching is encouraged here and supports the customer’s understanding of the different systems.


On 03/11/2016, the presentation display received an award at the viscom trade fair in the category “display with material focused on metal” (for products). Now it can call itself the silver WINNER of the display SUPERSTAR 2016 award . The members of the prize jury were marketing and product managers, marketing decision-makers from trade and industry, product designers, engineers and brand owners.


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