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Plano DUO 42


Our information column Plano Duo 42 is a display with two integrated and networked 42-inch digital signage screens with independent controls. Read here about the origins of this product.

Eurest, a subsidiary of the Compass Group, is a globally active food service provider that combines food diversity with all the advantages of a large corporation.


Scope of tasks:

Since Eurest was highly satisfied with our company's digital signage displays, they contacted us with the following request in 2014: They wanted a display with two integrated screens that could be operated with separate controls and were independent of one another.



The purpose of the display was to alert customers of Eurest to current restaurant products, offers, and additional information.



After visualizing design sketches on the basis of our existing information column Plano 42 and a brief consultation phase, the first devices went into production. We integrated two independently operating mini PCs into two different screens to allow for uploading separate content to both screens.

The columns can be controlled remotely over the Internet via UMTS and/or (W-)LAN.


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