Digital Signage

Digital signage solutions are networked, (audio)visual display solutions for advertising at the point of sale (POS). Our displays in sizes from 7 inches to 85 inches are designed to display corporate videos, product information and promotional messages in HD.

The displays are ideally suited for sales promotion and branding in shops, at trade fairs and wherever you want to draw your customers’ attention (POI). Depending on their size and design, these displays are available as table-top versions, digital signage for wall mounting or suspension, or free-standing solutions. We offer stand-alone solutions, touch solutions, complex network designs with user-friendly md Signage software, and special solutions with customised software.

Creating bespoke individual custom solutions is our particular strength. Contact us for the advertising solutions you need. Bespoke digital signage.

Complex network solutions offer a wide range of possibilities. They can be individually designed and equipped with optimal features to meet your needs. Our professional production addresses virtually every requirement.

Thanks to their plug & play functionality, stand-alone solutions are immediately ready to go. Simply unpack, connect, import data via USB stick and your device is ready to replay your content.

Digital signage is the most innovative information and promotional system for the point of sale. We therefore develop high-quality solutions for our customers that are future-oriented and capable to meet their specific requirements.

Information frames and screens are display systems that are specifically designed for digital signage and have specially programmed functions and properties.  

Information columns offer an easy entry into the world of digital signage and can be set up as stand-alone solutions in any location. They are immediately ready for use thanks to their easy operability and quick updating functions.

We develop and produce individual digital signage solutions for our customers in close cooperation with them to meet their request and requirements.


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