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Literature Stands

Literature Stands – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer different brochure stands. We distinguish between brochure stands, Wall-mounted brochure holderswall-mounted brochure holders and brochure dispensers.
Brochure stands are stand models which create space for the presentation of brochures. We offer various brochure stands such as the brochure stand Mobil.

Wall-mounted brochure holders are suitable for one-sided brochure presentation and are mounted on all vertical surfaces. Depending on the model, the wall-mounted brochure holder is equipped with 10 separate brochure holders for DIN A3 brochures or with 8 brochure holders for DIN A4 brochures.
Brochure dispensers, on the other hand, are an eye-catching solution for the presentation of brochures in counter areas, i.e. directly in the customer's view. They can easily be filled with brochures and set up.

No, not all brochure stands can be used on both sides.
The brochure stand Mobil and the information column Tension, a digital signage display with integrated brochure holders, can only be used on one side.
On the other hand, with the brochure stands Clear, Pyramid and Obelisk, you have unrestricted choice, as these brochure stands can be used on one or both sides.
The brochure stand Plano is the only model that is used exclusively on both sides.

The brochure formats vary depending on the model. 3 DIN A4 brochure holders can be hung and filled on the brochure stand Mobil.
Depending on the model, the brochure stand Clear can be equipped with 6 DIN A5 brochure holders or 6 DIN A4 brochure holders.
The brochure stand Pyramid is equipped with 3 steel holders, but it is possible to upgrade the stand with an extra 3 holders. These steel holders can be variably equipped, for example, with up to 2 DIN A4 brochures per holder.
The brochure stand Plano is also equipped with 6 DIN A4 format brochure holders.The brochure stand Obelisk offers space for 8 brochure holders in DIN A4, and the information column Tension 10 can be equipped with 3 brochure holders in DIN A4.

Yes, we do offer custom-made designs. As a manufacturer, we are experts at producing custom-made designs at customer request. Whether a brochure stand in the corporate design, with product holders or other details, we are the right partner to implement your wishes in all areas. Do not hesitate to call us at 0221-959402-0. We will be happy to advise you.

Brochure dispensers are an attractive solution for placing brochures in counter areas, i.e. directly in the customer's view. Brochure dispensers can be easily filled and set up.
We offer various brochure dispensers, i.e. wall-mounted or stand-alone models. While the wall model is particularly suitable for mounting on walls and other vertical surfaces in the counter area, the stand model is extremely stable, which is why it is particularly suitable for installation in the aforementioned areas.
In addition, brochure dispensers are available in DIN long, DIN A4 and DIN A5.