Digitales POS-Display


Our customer, United Ambient Media AG, wanted an info tower for schools, in particular universities. This tower should contain poster panels as well as postcard holders and brochure racks.

United Ambient Media AG was formed in 2007 from the merger of Edgar Medien AG and Boomerang Medien GmbH. It is the market leader in the field of ambient media in Germany.

Scope of tasks:

Our customer needed an information tower for schools, in particular universities, which would be equipped with brochure boxes, as well as postcard holders and a poster panel.


A display should be created for use in schools and it should include the following expansions:
- Brochure boxes
- Poster panel DIN A2
- Postcard holders


The customer provided us with a design drawing based on which we made a prototype. A new profile was made specifically for this project. After the customer accepted the prototype, we produced a total of 15 units.


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