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TEXframe 85 LED


Bretz, an exclusive furniture maker, contacted us with a request for illuminated fabric frames for store windows and in extra-large sizes for wall-mounting. Optical highlight: The Bretz store in Frankfurt is decorated with 6.4 x 2.2 meter TEXframes.

Bretz is a German furniture manufacturer that is known for its exclusive upholstered furniture. Every couch, easy chair, bed or accessory is a unique piece made in Germany and stands out for its special design.


Scope of tasks:

The Bretz store in Frankfurt had to be fitted for oversized fabric frames. Bretz had specified that the frames had to be of high-quality appearance, with an optional backlighting feature.


Objective: Impressive experience in the Frankfurt Bretz store

The company wanted the unconventional TEXframes with their unusual size of 6.4 x 2.2 meters to attract attention in the store.



To create the illuminated TEXframes, we relied on the proven 85 mm md-TEXframe profile, which guarantees a firm hold for the fabric print. Once the wall mounting display had been fitted with special LEDs, it was shipped from our company headquarters in Cologne to our customer in Frankfurt within a short time.


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