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Illuminated column


Clearly branded and yet adaptable to versatile new themes. That was the idea Bosch had for a new illuminated column.

BSH Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH is Europe's largest manufacturer of household appliances and a global industry leader.


Scope of tasks: 

The BSH Group was looking for a square illuminated column that would not only reflect its CI, but was also of durable design. The quick and easy exchange of various campaign posters at the point of sale was particularly important.


Objective: Presenting new products in the right light!

The columns were supposed to be set up in a fixed position at the point of sale to alert customers to new products.


Implementation: Design, production and logistics–everything from a single source!

We generated a prototype after coordinating the customer requirements and visualizing a design. The customer immediately liked our idea to attach sales posters on two of the four sides of the column with high-quality aluminium clamping profiles. This allows for the quick and simple exchange of sales themes. We initially produced 500 units, but have since manufactured and shipped some 1,000 of the illuminated columns to the Bosch Group.

The materials included were acrylic, aluminium and steel.


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